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Are You on Strike?

Short answer: yes.

Slightly longer answer is that I'm specifically striking against struck companies (the AMPTP) and any production that would try to replace WGA work with non-union content.

That said, I still want to help people with their writing projects. Most clients I work with tend to be "outsiders" or new to the world of screenwriting and I find a lot of value in working with them. There are a lot of reasons to write and writing itself isn't the issue here.

While I never make the promise to send clients' scripts to Mr. Netflix, I definitely won't be doing that in the new future.

Sometimes I'm a teacher. Sometimes I'm an assistant or an idea bounce-board. I've been a proofreader, editor, and muse. Fortunately, I think everyone wins when more people consider careful storytelling. Not to sound too noble and self-satisfying, but I think telling and understanding fictional stories are one step toward more world peace.

I'll keep posting blog updates and fielding intakes or questions. I'm always glad to share thoughts and work through narratives with people. But I know a (picket) line exists and I won't cross it.

The WGA (and SAG!) strike is more than warranted, has been orchestrated really well, and I will not doing anything that undermines that effort.

Thank you.

We out here tryna function.

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