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Thanks for reaching out and I'll respond ASAP!



Free Consult!

15-minute consult via video chat or on the phone! I can hear your idea and offer suggestions moving forward, with me or on your own.


Strategy Consult

$60 hourly rate (min. 1 hour) for discussing your idea and making a step-by-step plan to bring the idea to fruition. We can consider marketability, comps, rewrite goals, or wherever you feel most stuck. I love helping people get their stories to the place they want to be.



Starting at $2500, I will provide a more hands-on services. You retain 100% of the rights, but I can come on as a co-writer or ghostwriter and get your script to a good place. I will work with you with weekly check-ins and show you the ropes of a standard Hollywood screenplay, including jargon and "unwritten" rules or expectations.

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