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Screenwriter. Ghostwriter. Consultant.



Getting you from a blank page to Fade Out.

Screenwriting, whether for a feature film, short film, or TV series, is hard work! Unlike manuscripts, blogs, and even theatrical plays, there are precision (even pedantic) industry-standard rules and expectations. And then there are style preferences. It's a lot to navigate for anyone just starting out with a story to tell.

That's where I come in.


I thrived on helping people share their story. I can be collaborative, I can interpret intentions, and I can guide people through writing their first screenplay or write it for them!

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The original Night Writer

Writing has never been optional for me. Like eating and breathing, it’s something integral to my existence. Everyday I am thankful to be able to make a career from something that brings me so much joy.

I work fast and adapt to however I need to best tell your story the way you want it told. I've had the pleasure of learning about various industries, niches, and subcultures through my clients as I've helped write their stories over the last ten years.

I earned an MFA from the UCLA screenwriting program. Since then, I taught screenwriting and composition through programs with CalArts and UCLA, as well as ghostwriting and script doctoring.

I want to work with you!



Free Consult!

15-minute consult via video chat or on the phone! I can hear your idea and offer suggestions moving forward, with me or on your own.


Strategy Consult

$60 hourly rate (min. 1 hour) for discussing your idea and making a step-by-step plan to bring the idea to fruition. We can consider marketability, comps, rewrite goals, or wherever you feel most stuck. I love helping people get their stories to the place they want to be.



Starting at $2500, I will provide a more hands-on services. You retain 100% of the rights, but I can come on as a co-writer or ghostwriter and get your script to a good place. I will work with you with weekly check-ins and show you the ropes of a standard Hollywood screenplay, including jargon and "unwritten" rules or expectations.

"Nick was super helpful, responsive, and very thorough. I appreciated his interest and willingness to help with our project. Would definitely recommend working with him!"

-UpWork Client


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